Drive Specifications Unless otherwise noted, all specifications are measured under ambient conditions, at 25°C, and nominal power. Rescue Data Recovery Plans provide peace of mind for creative pros and performance PC users alike. For convenience, the phrases the drive and this drive are used throughout this manual to indicate the following drive models: The specification summaries listed in the following tables are for quick reference. For details on specification measurement or definition, refer to the appropriate section of this manual. Table 1 Drive Specifications Summary Drive Specification ST2000LM015 ST1000LM048 ST500LM030 Formatted capacity (1) 2TB 1TB 500GB Guaranteed sectors 3,907,029,168 1,953,525,168 976,773,168 Heads 4 2, 2 1 Bytes per sector 512 (logical) / 4096 (physical) Recording density 2276 Kb/in Track density 580 Ktracks/in AVG Areal density 1320 Gb/in2 AVG Spindle speed 5400 RPM Maximum sustained data rate, OD read 140 MB/s Interface SATA 6Gb/s ATA data-transfer modes supported PIO modes 0-4 Multiword DMA modes 0-2 Ultra DMA modes 0-6 Cache buffer 128 MB Height (mm/in) 7.0 (± 0.2) / 0.276 (± 008) Width (mm/in) 69.85 (± 0.25) / 2.750 (± 0.010) Length (mm/in) 100.35 (+0.20/-0.25) / 3.951 (+0.008/-0.010) Weight (G/LB) max 90 / 0.198 85 / 0.187 Average latency 5.6 ms Startup current, Max (+5V) 1.0 A Voltage tolerance (including noise) 5V ± 5% Non-Operating (Ambient °C) -40° to 70° Operating ambient temperature (min °C) 0° Operating temperature (drive case max °C) 60° † Temperature gradient 20°C per hour max (operating) 35°C per hour max (non-operating) Relative humidity 5% to 95% (operating) 5% to 95% (non-operating) Relative humidity gradient (max) 30% per hour Wet bulb temperature 37.7°C max (operating) 40.0°C max (NON-operating).



Thinnest and lightest 2.5-inch hard drive
Broadest 2.5-inch hard drive portfolio
Standard SATA 6Gb/s interface for easy integration into existing mobile/laptop designs




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