NASCO 2.0HP Split Air Conditioner (MSAFD-18CR-GOLDEN)

-Low Energy Consumption: Yes
-Low Noise Operation: Yes
-Copper Condenser: Yes
-Fast Cooling: Yes
-Capacity (Cooling, Horse Power): 2.0
-Capacity (Cooling, Btu/hr): 18,000
-Optimal Single Blade: Yes


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The indoor unit will automatically display “EC” when the it detects a leakage.


When the turning the unit from Cool, auto (cool) or Dry mode, the air conditioner will continue to operate at very low power to dry up condensed water and prevent mildew growth.


Low Energy Consumption: Yes
Low Noise Operation: Yes
Copper Condenser: Yes
Fast Cooling: Yes
Capacity (Cooling, Horse Power): 2.0
Capacity (Cooling, Btu/hr): 18,000
Optimal Single Blade: Yes
Air Direction Control (Up/Down): Auto
Air Direction Control (Left/Right): Auto
Allergy Care: Yes
Anti-Bacteria: Yes
Indoor Temp. Display: Yes
Display On/Off: Yes
Beep On/Off: Yes
24-Hour Timer: Yes
Auto Changeover: Yes
Auto Restart: Yes
Good Sleep: Yes
Dehumidification: Yes
Fan Mode: Yes
Quiet: Yes

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